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Meme [Sep. 27th, 2005|02:27 pm]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bikes:
    Men riding bikes are so macho
  2. chess:
    Simply love playing Chess.
  3. dogs:
    Dog are so adorable and playful
  4. gossips:
    Adds a Spice to the Life.
  5. johnnylever:
    Had one hilarous time watch him act..(BabuLal in baazigar..My all time favorite)
  6. marriages:
    I got myself a year and half back.(**sends a flying-kiss to jay**)
  7. mysorepak:
    Makes me remember of 'Namma Bengaluroo'.
  8. programming:
    Loved programming till now and continue to have the liking in futher too:)...Be it .NET or Java..
  9. seirra turkey:
    Oh..yumm..My favorite sandwich at Panera Bread..I simply adore the Asiago bread and goat cheese in it:):)
  10. skirt:
    They make u look ahem**sexy**. And ya I have a thing for deep blue jeans skirt+high-heeled shoes.

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